Service Calls

Toll free: 888-999-5920
Local: 936-870-3205
E-mail us:

Contact Commercial Sound and Satellite Network Inc. and let our technicians help you troubleshoot your systems and restore service - over the telephone! You do not incure any service call or service charges.

If service cannot be restored over the telephone, we will schedule a visit from our technical department to restore your service.

Payment options include:

  Labor plus materials paid upon completion of the service call
  Monthly Service plan that includes servicing and maintenance

Trouble Shooting Tips for the Music Choice/Globecast Receiver

Contact Commercial Sound & Satellite office at 936-870-3205. We will be happy to assist you! One of our technicians can “walk you through” the process on the phone to restore service.

If service cannot be restored we will dispatch a technician to your location.

Below is a tip that you may utilize in rectifying “errors” or problems with your Music Choice/Globecast Receivers:

E-10 Error - Smart Card not inserted: Make sure card is inserted correctly or that it is in the receiver.