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Music Choice


Music Choice provides commercial Music programming to suit your business needs. With 24/7 Music there are NO commercials, NO DJ talk, and NO interruptions. You get what you want to hear, when you want to hear it.

You have a choice of receiving your Music Choice by either Satellite Delivery or Broadband Delivery. We offer numerous channels of CD quality music. You can order programming for national accounts or multi-unit locations or an individual location. In addition we provide Seasonal Holiday Music for ten different seasons throughout the year. All licensing fees such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC are paid by your Music Choice Dealer so that you the customer is not hassled with the liability that comes with playing music in your business establishment.

See prompts for channel lists for Music Choice delivered by both satellite and by broadband and for our Seasonal Programming. For a sampling of our music, click on the genre or selection of music that you wish to hear.


Programmed for the people in your business----We program for a discerning audience. Our in-depth library and attention to pairing of songs means you can fill your business with the blend of music that not only meets your objectives, but also pleases every listener.

Music that moves people----Whether you want to reach a mother shopping for school clothes, a couple getting their first mortgage, or old friends celebrating in their favorite restaurant our music lets you skillfully underscore the moment.

People behind the service----Each channel is crafted by professionals who are as passionate about the music as the artists themselves and who understand how music influences and affects people.

MUSIC CHOICE can help you reach your business objectives.

  Creates an Environment that Promotes Profits
  Increases Sales with Audio Marketing
  Maximizes Worker Productivity
  Boosts Seasonal Sales with Our Holiday Channels
  Enhances Phone Service Using Music and Messages-On-Hold
  Creates a Variety of Moods with Zoning
  Fills the Void of Silence
  Masks Conversation and other Routine Noises

  Creates Ambiance and Atmosphere that you desire
  Enhances your Corporate Image


Music Choice Satellite Channel Lineup

MUSIC CHOICE BY BROADBAND provides Music Choice programming via high speed broadband internet connections. One of the benefits of this means of delivery is that it enables you the customer to control the selection of music which is being played in one or all of your locations. By simply accessing your account, your programming schedule can be altered to reflect your choice of Music Choice programming for all of your locations. You may access your Seasonal Holiday Music and begin playing your music on YOUR schedule. Music Choice via Broadband puts you in control! Another benefit is that Broadband installation eliminates the need for roof access and other installation issues.

Music Choice Broadband Channel Lineup

Order Today! To inquire about Music Choice via Broadband or via Satellite call : 888-999-5920 or 936-870-3205 or
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