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Audio  Systems

At Commercial Sound & Satellite Network Inc. we listen to you so that we can
understand your expectations and what capabilities your system must include. We match your needs
with the best products available and design a system specifically for you! Our focus is always on the
benefits that are provided and never the name brand of the components.

Commercial Sound & Satellite Network Inc. utilizes products from the leading Manufacturers
to design sound distribution systems that meet your demanding requirements. At Commercial Sound
& Satellite Network Inc. we are not interested in trying to fit everyone into the “same box” i.e. systems
provided by one manufacturer.

When the “same box” criteria is used, usually the customer ends up with a system that
has a big name, but it provides either more capabilities than required or does not have all of the
capabilities required. In both cases the cost is always more than it should be. Simply put the “same
box” system does not do the best job for the customer in meeting the customers’ specific needs in a
sound distribution system.

We guarantee your Satisfaction, and if something is not right, we will make it right!

Do let us assist you in designing a complete sound distribution system that will achieve the

Distributing Music Choice programming throughout your entire facility without any
“hot spots” or “dead spots” and creating an ambience particular for your business.

Creating a more productive work environment for your employees by reducing
distractions and other routine noises and increasing their concentration and alertness.

Instantaneously paging your personnel and employees via voice paging which is heard
throughout the entire sound distribution system in a normal conversational tone.

Let us assist you in operating your business in a professional manner in order that
you may achieve maximum productivity!

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Video Systems

Commercial Sound & Satellite Network Inc. utilizes video distribution products from all of the leading manufacturers to design video distribution systems that will meet your demanding requirements. As a Commercial Provider for DirecTV we utilize the best video receiving systems available on the market today, and when upgrades occur, we are quick to stock all of the latest technology.

Commercial Sound & Satellite Network Inc. will design complete Digital Systems utilizing commercial quality coaxial cabling, connectors, multi switches, video line amplifiers, system modulators, video tower racks, shelving, IR remote controls, Plasma TV’s, LCD TV’s, CRT TV’s Projection TV’s, Custom Screens, etc. No matter if there is 1 television involved or 100 televisions involved Commercial Sound & Satellite Network Inc. will design the system to meet your operational requirements. We will provide out customers with a choice of all the popular brands of TV’s, and we will make recommendations based on the application and the budget of your particular business.

In addition to Digital technology, Commercial Sound & Satellite Network Inc. will design your system also utilizing High Definition components and High Definition TV’s, Plasmas, LCDs, and Projection units with Custom Screens. DirecTV has just made available 100 new High Definition channels with a promise of more to come. We can update your current video distribution system to High Definition so that you and your customers can enjoy the latest technology. DirecTV is providing the most high definition channels of any other provider in the world today!

Commercial Sound & Satellite Network Inc. utilizes the very best in commercial mounting systems and will install your TV sets by mounting them on the wall or from the ceiling in order to display them in the most advantageous position to achieve maximum results! We will install your mounts in a professional manner so that they are both safe and pleasing to the eye.

Commercial Sound & Satellite Network Inc. is also a SMATV Dealer and will provide system design, components, cabling, installation, DirecTV account set up, DirecTV account activation, and service for hotels, motels, assisted living, nursing homes, RV Parks, and hospitals. DirecTV SMATV systems will allow you to customize programming for the specific application of your business.

Do let Commercial Sound & Satellite Network Inc. assist in the design, installation, service as well as activating DirecTV Programming for your Video Distribution System. We guarantee satisfaction!

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