About Us

Commercial Sound & Satellite Network is a family owned and family operated business. The president and owner of the company is Benjamin F. Swank, III. Benjamin brings a “wealth” of knowledge and experience to the business music and sound system industry. He was employed by Muzak in a Sales and Marketing capacity for 25 years where he served the San Antonio and Austin areas. He received numerous awards for his sales efforts during his 25 year tenure.

In 1997 Benjamin and his wife Susie formed their own company and expanded Benjamin’s interest by also providing video service for commercial establishments. He chose the best and the most sought after video programming, and became a DirecTV Commercial Dealer for Business. Today Commercial Sound & Satellite Network offers both DirecTV and Music Choice for commercial establishments throughout Texas. We design, build, install and maintain background, foreground, prosound audio and video distribution systems. We also offer Music-On-Hold and Sound Marketing.

Commercial Sound & Satellite Network specializes in offering solutions and ideas to create an ambiance and an environment which is personable and perfect for your business establishment. We can design or adjust a sound system to deliver quality sound, and provide Music Choice programming. We can also create a video distribution system to include TV’s, Mounts, and Satellite Receivers for the purpose of delivering DirecTV Programming in your business.

We are one of the Top Ten Music Choice Dealers in the country. There have been scientifically proven results that background music is beneficial in the workplace. Some of the benefits of Music Choice in your business are as follows: It fills the “void of silence.” It masks conversation and other routine noises. The music creates efficiency and productivity of your employees while it increases their concentration on the tasks at hand. Most importantly it creates the ambiance and atmosphere that you want reflected in your particular business establishment. For more detailed information click on the “Music Choice” and “Sound Distribution Systems” prompts.

Commercial Sound & Satellite will engineer your video distribution system to include the installation of one Television as well as hundreds of Televisions. We can give your video distribution system a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as provide quality equipment and quality DirecTV programming. In order to achieve this positive visual environment we install TV Mounts to accommodate Plasma LCD’s and CRT Televisions, Multiswitches, Component Switchers, Component Cabling, Plenum Cabling and Nonplenum cabling, IR Remotes, High Definition Components, etc. to just mention a few of our offerings and capabilities. In today’s world the general population expects to be informed and entertained on a continuous basis. We can accomplish this for your customers, patrons, and employees in a way that will make you proud of your video distribution system. For more detailed information click on the “DirecTV” and “Video Distribution Systems” prompts.

Christian Swank has been with our company since its inception and has worked in every area of the company. He presently serves as Vice President of Operations. Christian’s particular expertise is in the technical area, and he is very familiar with all sound and video equipment, professionally engineered installations, and DirecTV programming packages. Christian heads up our technical department, and he supervises installations and service, orders equipment, and does a great job for us!!! He is especially helpful in “troubleshooting” service issues over the telephone. There is a “prompt” on this site which you can “click” in order to get some suggestions as you troubleshoot your system.

Our sales staff currently consists of Blake Porter and Phil Beard. Both of these young men have much integrity and are very capable in providing for the sound and video needs of a commercial establishment. They both are “well versed” in Music Choice and DirecTV Programming as well as sound and video equipment for quality systems. They are here to serve you the customer and will go to “great lengths” to design a system of which will meet all of your needs and one which is within your budgetary constraints.

If you contact the office, you are likely to speak with Cheryl or Susie. Both of them handle the administrative details and the bookkeeping for Commercial Sound & Satellite Network. They will greet you with friendly, courteous voices and will attempt to answer your questions, relay your messages, and resolve any issues you may have.

Commercial Sound & Satellite Network’s philosophy is that we exist to serve our employees, and in turn our employees are here to serve our customers. Our goal is to serve you the customer with integrity and with excellence. We have a great appreciation for our customers and desire to keep them happy all of the time!!!